Students Run Successful Business out of their Apartment

Tech start-ups have proven to be a useful medium for addressing youth unemployment issues. Three students at the University of Texas have been utilizing their knowledge of technology to developing tools for keeping track of concerts across the state. Their apps are becoming increasingly popular app, and their company is operated out of their Richardson Texas apartments. The company that they run, Jump Space Apps, has significant potential for take-off, based on the creativity, foresight and initiative that the students have demonstrated. The roommates see Jump Space Apps as an opportunity to put their education into practice while preparing for a stable future.

The team notes that they currently receive many proposals for app-building services...

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Check out the Villas at Monterey

The Villas at Monterey is one location you are sure to fall in love with while in the north Dallas area. richardson texas apartments are usually very luxurious. The Villas at Monterey, however, go beyond the typical apartment offerings, to provide you with stylish and certainly comfortable living experience. If you are seeking to rent in the north Dallas area, the Villas should be high on your list of priority locations to check out.  The location is a must-see for corporate clients seeking a relaxing and elegant environment for residence.

Richardson has a population of over 30,000 persons, with the population growing by almost 4% since 2000. The Villas at Monterey is in proximity to elementary, junior high and secondary schools...

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Parkside offers the best luxury apartments

Located on Lake Park Way, Parkside Towns Luxury Townhomes is an excellent choice when seeking lavishness and comfort in a home. Ranging in size from 1194 square feet to 1494 square feet, Parkside offers the best in luxury accommodation for corporate clients. These units will run you anywhere between $1800 and $2200 per month in rent. Factor in the $300 deposit as well and you will find that Parkside can get a bit pricey. Notwithstanding this, you certainly will be getting value for your money.

In their bid to take advantage of opportunities for growth that exist in the city, developers are increasingly looking to construct Richmond Texas apartments. More and more persons are moving to this town in North Dallas in search of quality employment...

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JJ Pearce High – The Pride of Richardson

Located in north Dallas, the JJ Richardson High School has a rich history. The school that was founded in 1967 is located on Coit Road in the community of Richardson. The school was named after Joseph Jones Pearce, who was a former School District superintendent. Since being started in the 1960s, Pearce High has undergone numerous expansions and were now home to over 2,000 students. The academic standard is high, and the school has been named as a national blue ribbon schools. It is an accolade reserved for schools across the country that have consistently achieved high levels of academic achievement and have ensured positive student outcomes.

The school has a very traditional academic decathlon team, which has won the national competition more times than any other school in the United Sta...

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