JJ Pearce High – the Pride of Richardson

Pride of Richardson

Located in north Dallas, the JJ Richardson High School has a rich history. The school that was founded in 1967 is located on Coit Road in the community of Richardson. The school was named after Joseph Jones Pearce, who was a former School District superintendent. Since being started in the 1960s, Pearce High has undergone numerous expansions and were now home to over 2,000 students. The academic standard is high, and the school has been named as a national blue ribbon schools. It is an accolade reserved for schools across the country that have consistently achieved high levels of academic achievement and have ensured positive student outcomes.

The school has a very traditional academic decathlon team, which has won the national competition more times than any other school in the United States. Students at Pearce High typically do well on advanced placement tests and are usually considered to be ready for college by the time they get to the point of graduation. Scores on SAT tests compare favorably with other schools across the country. In Richardson Texas, apartments are in proximity to the school campus and are the place of residence for many students. The school may accommodate some pupils from other locations, particularly South Dallas.

Students and parents are always very actively involved in the many extra-curricular activities that take place in the school. Even though academic success is the primary emphasis, the school has been able to utilize extra-curricular activities effectively as a means of ensuring student motivation and high levels of educational attainment. The teachers on staff are very qualified to not only teach the curriculum, but to guide and mold the students towards becoming model citizens. The community is a very active supporter of the work of the institution.

Among the activities at JJ Pearce High School, is a well-developed arts program. The school’s choir has performed across Texas and has even performed as far away as the Vatican in Italy. The quality of the choir is astounding, and they continue to win plaudits for their performances. The same thing may be stated in the school band, which has been awarded to Texas. One would be hard-pressed to find stronger arts programs in any other high school in the state of Texas.

Similarly, the athletics programs have done well. The teams have won state championships in a number of sports, including gymnastics, soccer, and volleyball. The football team has done extremely well and has even produced national soccer players such as Jeff Agoos and Alejandro Moreno. Additionally, noted football players Ray Childress and Anthony Dorsett also attended this venerable institution. Track and field, softball and baseball, are also sports that the school has done very well in.

It is no wonder that this school that also boasts Jessica Simpson as being numbered among its alumni the pride and joy of Richardson. Academic excellence is the standard at Pearce High, and the holistic development of students is consistently strived for.