Parkside Offers the Best Luxury Apartments

Best Luxury Apartments

Located on Lake Park Way, Parkside Towns Luxury Townhomes is an excellent choice when seeking lavishness and comfort in a home. Ranging in size from 1194 square feet to 1494 square feet, Parkside offers the best in luxury accommodation for corporate clients. These units will run you anywhere between $1800 and $2200 per month in rent. Factor in the $300 deposit as well and you will find that Parkside can get a bit pricey. Notwithstanding this, you certainly will be getting value for your money.

In their bid to take advantage of opportunities for growth that exist in the city, developers are increasingly looking to construct Richmond Texas apartments. More and more persons are moving to this town in North Dallas in search of quality employment. With this employment boom, the construction industry has benefited, with new lofts and apartment complexes being constructed across the city. One would be hard-pressed, however, to find apartment complexes as splendid as those that exist in the Parkside Towns Luxury Townhomes. Two bedrooms with two bathroom units or three bedrooms and three bathroom units are available. Some of the two bedroom units also come with an additional half bathroom.

The units are certainly spacious, and the complex also provides a garage for each unit. The garage can host two vehicles at a time. The apartments each come with hardwood floors, and you will also find a washer and a dryer in each unit. You will have access to a beautiful kitchen that includes a dishwasher. If you are moving to Richardson and are in need of high-end accommodation, then certainly the Parkside Townhomes should be high on your priority list. The plush interior of each unit will leave you in awe. The units are not only beautiful, but also functional, and sure to suit the needs of the average corporate client.

While at Parkside, you will also have access to the fitness center. At this location, you can enjoy fabulous workouts with the best gym equipment available. You may get access to some facilities like the swimming pool and clubhouse, for the days where you just wish to relax and kick back. As this is a gated community, the premises is secure, and you can rest assured that your life and property will be safe. Wireless internet is available right from the property as well.

The Parkside Townhomes are a pet-friendly environment. There is a caveat, however, as you still have to pay an additional $300 to be able to move in with your pet. While dogs are allowed, aggressive breeds are not welcome at Parkside. Consider renting a home in this location today! The site offers ready access to the major thoroughfares and is ideally situated in walking distance of grocery stores, malls, and fine dining restaurants. Also, you certainly will not have to worry about your children’s education, as they will be able to benefit from the award winning schools located in Richmond. The Parkside Towns Luxury Townhomes offer the best in luxury living for the corporate client.