Students Run Successful Business out of Their Apartment


Tech start-ups have proven to be a useful medium for addressing youth unemployment issues. Three students at the University of Texas have been utilizing their knowledge of technology to developing tools for keeping track of concerts across the state. Their apps are becoming increasingly popular app, and their company is operated out of their Richardson Texas apartments. The company that they run, Jump Space Apps, has significant potential for take-off, based on the creativity, foresight and initiative that the students have demonstrated. The roommates see Jump Space Apps as an opportunity to put their education into practice while preparing for a stable future.

The team notes that they currently receive many proposals for app-building services. They are, however, keen to point out that they do not, and cannot accept all the proposals that they are presented with. Jump Space Apps assert that they have to be passionate about the projects that they take on. They believe that in the absence of this passion, they will not be able to apply sufficient time and energies towards ensuring that the project is completed efficiently and effectively. The local city government has however been a regular contractor for the services of Jump Space Apps.

One of the apps that the team has created is called U Eats. In recognizing that the opening and closure times of restaurants varied across the University of Texas campus in Dallas, the team decided to create an app that provides information on these times. The app became hugely popular among the college students and has since expanded to include the operating times for off-campus locations. Since then, numerous apps have been produced for a variety of clients, and needs.

Another app that has been built by Jump Space Apps is Financer, which seeks to offer personal financial advice to students. This app won first place in the Capital One Coding for Good Hackathon in 2014. Based on one’s personal spending habits, users of the app will get valuable advice to guide them towards proper financial management. The Cell Spell app has also proven quite useful, as it allows one to change telephone numbers into words that are easy to remember. It certainly assists in helping to recall pesky phone numbers. The creativity of Jump Space Apps is further exemplified by their work on Equation Solver, which is a useful app for persons who need to solve equations quickly.

What’s Going Down has proven to be one of the most successful apps produced by the company. This app provides information on events that are taking place around Dallas. You will get information on venues, dates and times, and will be sure to not miss out on all that is happening in the city. Jump Space Apps continues to look for ways to grow the business while garnering experience and expertise in coding and app development. The future is certainly bright to these young, tech-savvy individuals, who continue to find innovative ways of meeting the needs of their clientele.